For any questions or comments about vegan bodybuilding.

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  1. francois says:


    i want to have a vegan bodybuilding plan and i don’t know where to get it
    or to start… i’am willing to pay for it. i’m a new vegan and information
    on vegan bodybuilding is very confusing…

    please help me

    thank you

  2. Jason Dean says:

    Mr. Morris,

    First let me say you look amazing. Congrats on your amazing work of art that is your body. What a testament to your spirit and discipline in lifestyle.

    I am a chiropractic student and have a fascination with nutrition, with a focus on raw and vegan lifestyle. My wife is a chiropractor and raw nutritionist as well. I posted your information to my school Facebook site and to one of my classmates sites showing what you can do with proper nutrition. Of course my classmates have come back to me saying that they are positive that even though you may be vegan now you most definitely used in the past or are currently using HGH or some other type of growth hormone or performance enhancing supplement. Most notably they don’t believe it’s possible that you gained 35 pounds as fast as you claim that you did.

    I am writing to find out if you did/or currently do take anything to look the way you did or do. I am hoping it’s all from nutrition of course. I am attempting to spread the info of great nutrition and that it is possible to look the way you do without animal products or steroids or other synthetic or growth hormones.

    I look forward to hearing from and you wish you much luck in the future. You look great for 75 and I too believe that people in that age bracket should be able to look similar to you or at least in great shape.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Jason Dean

    • Jim Morris says:

      Your classmates’ beliefs are unfortunate as they will limit their possibilities in life.
      Prior to Roger Bannister it was believed that a human was physically incapable of running a sub 4 minute mile. Prominent scientists had shown without a doubt that the human legs could not move that fast for that long a period of time. Once Bannister shattered that belief all the top runners of the time broke the limit. As long as they had believed it could not be done they had been unable to do so.
      I have written many times that my initial weight gain was a fortunate convergence of circumstances. By sheer coincidence Bannister’s record and belief shattering event occurred in May 1954 one month before I was introduced to bodybuilding in June of 1954. So I did not realize or believe I was not supposed to be able to gain 35 lbs in three months.
      The amount of muscle a person should hold is determined by the skeletal structure. You know, Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph. As you can see from my career I am a Mesomorph I have been as high as 240 with very little fat. I started training on the day I turned 19. I was 5’9” 150 lbs. So I most likely was in the growth period of my teens anyway. At 150lbs I was well below what my skeletal structure would eventually be comfortable with. This is what it shot up to and is now (185). Living at home, with mom cooking and no responsibilities or relationship, my situation was perfect. That bodybuilding became my life’s work should give some idea how passionate, obsessed and determined I was during those first three months and the years that followed. I also grew 2 inches in height during my 19th year. All without any drugs of any kind. . In 1956 Russia invaded Hungary and The Hungarian Olympic lifting coach escaped to New York and resettled in Queens. The first thing he did was to contact his American counterparts on the Olympic Committee. Rudy Sablo, Chairman of The AAU Weight lifting Committee sent him to the Y. He formed a team and I competed on the team in the 181lb class until I went into the Air Force in 1961. During those 5 years lifting was my passion and Coach and I became great friends. He was a great coach and a wonderful person. He told me about the Russians and their use of steroids and how he felt about them. He was very knowledgeable about them and very positive. My relationship and trust of Coach predisposed me towards steroids. So when after my discharge in 1966 I was able to get some I took them for the first time with never a thought of possible problems and it remains so today.
      I used steroids during the entirety of my competitive career from 1966 to 1996. I have never used HGH or any thing like it. I also ate meat during my competitive years. I became a vegetarian in 1985 but continued to eat fish. In 2000 I stopped eating fish. I take a testosterone injection once a week (200mg) along with 1cc of vitamin B-12. Nothing else. Like most mesomorphs I am an easy gainer and if I were taking steroids now I would be above my normal weight of 185. I attribute my current condition more to lack of fat than any unusual amount of size. And that is totally because of my eating habits and regular exercise.

  3. tom says:

    hello, Jim

    found a video on youtube. you giving a interview last year. you talked about brining out a book finishing touches . is that book out already.


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