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2 Responses to BELIEFS

  1. David Meyer says:

    I am really impressed with how strong and healthy you look at 75. I just got certified to be a personal trainer and want to emphasize the benefits of moving people towards a more vegan based diet.

    I am teaching a class on Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease with a Plant-based diet and I have a slide about you. Can you let me know the number one reason you are a vegan so I can share that with my students?

    Is there any advice you could give me to become a successful personal trainer? I want to primarily focus on body weight exercises which is a different route, but I gravitate towards those type of exercises for a variety of reasons. My uncle passed away from a heart attack at 37 so I am very aware of the dangers of following a diet of too many processed foods and too many animal products.

    • Jim Morris says:

      My primary reason for being vegan is my health. As for being a personal trainer develop a philosophy based on your personal beliefs and practice. Put another way teach what you live.

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