Living and aging are different stages of the same process. We are living in the moment in that we can only be alive now, not yesterday or tomorrow but now. Aging is living through time and space. Man has broken “now” into seconds , minutes, etc. Since you are in absolute total control of “now” you have absolute total of aging. In fact you cannot stop controlling. Everything you do has a cumulative effect.



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  1. Bob Kolenda says:

    Here’s the challenge. How to slow down the muscle reduction process due to age (76) and not getting a pump?
    58 years of body building, train 6-7 days a week, one muscle per workout, 10-20 reps, about 6 sets and 4 exercises.
    Diet is good, great attitude, consistent, lean body type. Might be over trained but don’t want to rest. Thinking about modifying workout.
    Any suggestions?
    By the way, congratulations on your soon to be birthday and welcome to our special club.

    • Jim Morris says:

      Four exercises per muscle at “our” age is way over-training. I do one or maybe two depending on how I feel that particular day and the particular muscle. I no longer work muscle groups I feel are overdeveloped on me such as traps, hamstrings , rear delt, forearm and waist. So that saves me a great deal of output. Thereby not over-training. Remember the old Charles Atlas “Dynamic Tension Program”. Doing intense contractions without weight at home will give you all the pump you want. Muscle mass will be better retained by using maximum poundage for 3 or 4 sets of no more than 10 reps. I warm-up with a very light then medium set, then do 3 or 4 sets of 10 reps at max. Take every 4th day off. Over-training is probably the most common sports injury, especially among persons like you and I who after so many years of convincing ourselves of the correctness of maintaining a regular exercise schedule find it difficult to scale back our enthusiasm to match our abilities. Some muscle loss is inevitable as the body reduces the amount of muscle it carries to accommodate our diminished daily activities. Do we really need to carry around all that muscle anymore? I have been 240lbs. I competed in the 220′s. Now I am 180 and am able to do everything I want to do, along with feeling and looking fine. You suspected you were over-trained because your body was telling you so. Listen to your body.

      Looking forward to 76. The older I get the more time I have to work on detailing.

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