I believe every creature is born with the inalienable right of freedom. Freedom to live its life in its natural environment, with its kind, making its  decisions.
I believe the law should prohibit the enslavement of non humans for any reason whatever, including as pets.

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We are our own creator and creation.

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In this http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/17/are-crunches-worth-the-effort/ article the author http://www.yourpublicmedia.org/content/profile/featured/gretchen-reynolds asks the question “Are Crunches worth the Effort?” She goes on to state emphatically, “The researchers had expected that the volunteers with the sturdiest cores would outshine the others on the tests of physical performance.” In fact nowhere in the study did the researchers express having any prior bias or opinion about the outcome. Researchers, at least those who have not been co-opted by industry, go into studies with open minds. She shows her ignorance of the academic research process along with the fact that she herself has no background in fitness beyond writing about it, however erroneously.
Crunches were not only not a part of the study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20179652 but were never even mentioned in the study. The study was done at Indiana State University, which is an athletic powerhouse with 8 nationally ranked teams, by its Athletic Dept. Funded by the NIH whose mission is; “NIH is the nation’s medical research agency—supporting scientific studies that turn discovery into health” and published in its site http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/guide/ .Note the study refers to “performance” a couple of times including the title. What the study wanted to know is whether elite athletes could improve their performance by placing special training on the core. Elite athletes, their coaches and trainers are always looking for something which will improve their performance by fractions. Olympic, world and National records are measured in fractions. A fraction of an inch in a long jump or pole vault, a fraction of an second in a sprint is what drives so many to use steroids or any other method to improve their performance.  The ISU study summarizes with “Although training for core and functional movement are important to include in a fitness program, especially for injury prevention, they should not be the primary emphasis of any training program.” Here they are speaking to the elite athletes, their coaches and trainers, saying core and functional movement ARE IMPORTANT, but that the elite athletes will not see any significant improvement in their performance by doing a training program designed specifically around the core.

That is a far cry from saying, as she implies, that the average NYT reader would not benefit by going from out of shape with a pot belly to a trim and fit waistline . The readers of the NYT are ill served by such misleading and potentially health damaging twisting of fact should they follow such irresponsible advice.

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I DO NOT EAT wheat, corn, rice, milk, eggs, cheese, soy, tofu, pasta, noodles, cottage cheese, yogurt, tempeh.

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For any questions or comments about vegan bodybuilding.

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A thread for your comments and questions about exercise.

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A thread for comments and questions about skin care

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Living and aging are different stages of the same process. We are living in the moment in that we can only be alive now, not yesterday or tomorrow but now. Aging is living through time and space. Man has broken “now” into seconds , minutes, etc. Since you are in absolute total control of “now” you have absolute total of aging. In fact you cannot stop controlling. Everything you do has a cumulative effect.



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If I were building a residence where I planned to live the rest of my life, I would use the finest quality materials available to me. Because I am going to spend the rest of my life in my body, I’m using the finest quality materials available to me, unprocessed, unrefined, whole natural vegetables, beans, grains, fruits and nuts.

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“Still Counting Calories? Your weight loss plan may be Outdated”

From The New York Times

I’m going to comment on this article in bits and pieces, because I will put off doing it as a single piece.

The statement “But those compulsions may stem from biological systems over which the individual has no control.” Is rooted in the human belief that the body must be doing things wrong therefore we must either correct or “control” it. At some point in our evolution the human species saw itself as separate from everything else, even each other. In other words, self conscious. In The Bible that event is put into the story of the Garden of Eden. From that moment on humans have set themselves up as having to manage Nature and all things natural, instead of seeing themselves as part of Nature and operating within the laws of Nature.
That “biological system over which the individual has no control” is doing what it evolved to do perfectly. Fat is the most efficient energy storage unit. During the entirety of Human existence there have been times of plenty and times of famine even up to the present. Large amounts of fat are rare in Nature. So the body has evolved a system to detect and store concentrated energy for the lean times.

I come from the position that the body’s sole function is to survive, or continue to exist, in the healthiest state possible. To this end it’s most important ability is the ability to adapt through evolution. I believe that every function the body has evolved is in response to a life threatening circumstance beyond the body’s control.
Note that the rats were not craving fats until they were fed an unusually high concentration of fat. Far more than they would ordinarily encounter in Nature. This indicates to me that it is only possible to trigger this system with abnormally high amounts of fat. I would guess that Nature created the trigger point so that the rats would not under normal conditions crave fats because they would be getting enough in their daily diet. The body senses an opportunity to store up energy for the lean times which it has encountered enough times to develop a system to deal with it.
Assuming that humans have the same system, instead of immediately declaring the system to be operating against our well being, we should work with it, and not trigger that set point which we now know will set of an unwanted chain of actions. We get enough fats from non animal foods in perfect balance with the other nutrients to meet all our nutritional need for fat.
Get in touch with your body and listen to it. Only the body knows what it needs , how much it needs and when it needs it . The system is set up to tell us, not the other way around. That is what thirst and hunger are about.
I am thrilled to read this article because it finally answers something which has puzzled me every since I became a vegan. When people ask me “How do you handle cravings”. I can be honest and say “I don’t have cravings” and tell them why. I don’t reach the trigger point to set off that system.

The article goes on to say;

“There are good foods and bad foods, and the advice should be to eat the good foods more and the bad foods less,” he said. “The notion that it’s O.K. to eat everything in moderation is just an excuse to eat whatever you want.”

I look at things differently. There are real foods (found only in Nature), and products made from real foods. Products made from real foods are not foods. Man does not know how to make real food. He can only take real food and alter it, and in the process create a food- like product which is inherently unhealthy because our bodies evolved to use real food. Peanut butter and yogurt are not found in Nature. I believe the only healthy foods are real foods.

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